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  • Home Appliance used brushless DC water pump
    Home appliance used brushless DC water pump

    Products detail

    DKB60 Series Home appliance used brushless DC water pumps

    Boosting /circulation /Variable-frequency /Low-noise/shield pump /PWM control /signal feedback


    ♣ Applications

    1?/span>Solar heater hot water circulation

    2?/span>Heater hot water circulation

    3?/span>Water fountains

    4?/span>Wall-mounted gas boiler

    5?/span>Intelligent closestool

    6?/span>Intelligent bathtub

    7?/span>Water Purifier

    8?/span>Washing Machine





    Centrifugal pump

    Magnetic force transmission (shield pump structure)

    High efficiency brushless DC motor, low power consumption, high efficiency, long service life.

    With wide range operating temperature

    PWM signal speed controlling

    With constant flow controlling

    Reverse polarity protection (optional)

    Dry running protection  (optional)

    Over Voltage,over current protection

    ♦Overload,over temperature protection


    ♣ Technical description (parts in contact with the liquid)

    Pump head housing: PPS+GF

    Impeller: PPS+GF

    Shield cavity: PPS+GF

    Shaft sleeve: Carbon resin composite materials/ ceramic sleeve

    Shaft: ceramics axis/stainless steel shaft

    Seal ring: EPDM


    ♣ Driving device  (Including motor)

    Driving electromagnet: Plastic magnetic molding

    Screws and nuts: SUS 304 stainless steel

    Driving Motor : brushless motor

    Motor wire frame: PPA+GF (black)

    Pump housing: PPS+GF(UV resistance)

    Bracket: SUS 304 stainless steel

    Bracket hoop: US 304 stainless steel+ Damping rubber ring

    Waterproof based on IP67 rating (en60529)

    Wiring:3 leads / Waterproof connector is optional

    Nozzle diameter:20.5mm  (inner diameter:14.5mm)


    ♣Model Specifications

    DKB60-12G   12 V   

    DKB60-24G   24 V

    With mounting bracket model suffix : SR (e.g:DKB60-12GSR)

    DKB60 .png

     Mounting instruction


    DKB60 series pumps are centrifugal pumps which require pre-filled, the pump installed in the lowest position of the system to ensure that the impeller is always immersed in the liquid, or pre-filled the pump before power on .


    1: Pump should not be dry-running, even though it can dry-running for 30 seconds (after 30 seconds dry-running, it will automatically stop), Dry running will makes noise, also increasing abrasion to the shaft and shaft sleeve.


    2:Use the recommended diameter threaded pipe connecting the pump inlet, if you use a smaller diameter hose pump inlet, Due to the negative pressure in the pump, the outside air easier enter to the pump through the pipeline, it will make the pump performance degradation, and also the air bubbles make damage to the pump.


    3: As viewed from the pump inlet direction, the impeller rotates clockwise  (see the arrow on the outlet port).


    4: The pump can be installed vertically or horizontally mounted (see figure 1 ) When installed vertically, the outlet port should be upward .


     5:In order to avoid the dry- running (air get stuck in impeller),the water pump outlet port should be vertical or in the upper of the impeller. (see figure 1 )


     6: The connected pipe should be vertically mounted (or no elbow in 20cm )to make the air discharged easily, the outlet pipe should not be used less than 90 degrees Elbow (see figure 2).


    7: Can't use the seawater or other heavy pollution with big grain impurity liquid as the liquid medium .



    ♣ Temperature parameter

    Medium liquid temperature: -25? to  +105? (-13°F to + 221°F)

    Working ambient temperature: -10?to  +100?(14°F to +212°F)

    Storage temperature: -40?to +70?(-40°F to +158°F)

    (up to 100 ? but it will shorten the service life)


    ♣System pressure

    -0.2 to 2.5 bar  ( 100?(212°F).

    The service life is more than 20,000 hours based on the rated voltage and 36?86°F) ambient temperature.


    ♣Voltage range

    Rated 12V water pump, workable range  9V - 16V

    Rated 24V water pump, workable range  16V - 30V

    Although the motor can be used in a wide range of voltage and temperature, but excessive or too low voltage and temperature will affect the service life of the motor, the pump can not be exposed to thermal radiation ambient.


    Medium liquid: pure water, liquid mixture (Water with below 60% glycol)


    ♣ Electrical parameter

    No. Specification Datas
    1 Rated voltage 12V/24V
    2 Workable voltage 9-16V / 16V-30V
    3 Rated power 5-60W
    4 Flow range 0-20L/minuts
    5 Range of lift 0-10M
    6 Noise ≤40dB
    7 Service life 20000H
    8 Operating mode continuous working
    9 Diameter of inlet 20.5mm( inside diameter:14.5mm)
      Diameter of outlet 20.5mm( inside diameter:14.5mm)








    1. Working ambient temperature:-10?/span>--100?/span>, should try to avoid close to three-element catalytic, gas discharge pipe system and engine during the installation, ensure the working environment temperature.

    2.The installation position of the water pump should as much as possible close to the low water level, to extend the service life of the pump.

    3. In order to reduce water resistance, should as much as possible to reduce the number elbow in piping in the installation, ensure no any elbow within 20 cm from the pump.

    4. Please use the pump far from the dusty environment, the dust is harmful to reduce the service life

    5. Pay attention to the purity of the water, avoid to jam and impeller-blocked to reduce the service life of pump.


    ♣Pump structure

    DKB60 .jpg

    ♣Customization service:

    1:The pump parts customizable according to customer specific requirements

    2:Pumps’ performance parameters customizable according to customer's requirements

    3:Optional accessories of the pump customizable according to customer's requirements

    4:Special circuit program customizable according to customer requirements

    5:The outer housing can be customizable according to customer's requirements


    ♣Curve chart

    DKB60 .jpg

    ♣Water pump overall dimensions

    DKB60 with bracket.jpg

    ♣Water pump overall dimensions (with bracket)

    DKB60 .jpg


    ♣Water pump overall dimensions (barb hose joint)


    DKB60 .jpg


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